Why birth at home?

Home birth allows you to have a more intimate, personalized birth experience. With the guidance of midwives, women are supported, and partners are empowered to engage in the birth experience as much as they desire, even delivering their child.  Midwifery care offers personalized thorough care throughout pregnancy, birth, and thereafter.  The relationship and trust that is built with a midwife during pregnancy, allows a woman and her partner to be confident and at ease during the birth.  Midwives offer constant presence and support while monitoring and managing a woman’s labor.  A skilled midwife will also be able to assess risks and initiate emergency care for both mother and baby at home should complications arise.   As a midwife, I am passionate about encouraging and empowering women to birth in an environment where they feel secure, protected, and supported.  I am also conscious of the baby’s journey through pregnancy and birth and am intentional to help the baby’s experience be as loving and gentle as possible.


Joanna Howard CPM, RM (Certified Professional Midwife, Registered Midwife)

Joanna has practiced midwifery both nationally and internationally attending over 1100 out of hospital births.  Joanna is passionate about coming along side a woman in her journey through pregnancy and birth and providing a high level of maternity care while helping engage her family in the process.  Joanna has spent the last nine years serving women through midwifery internationally in regions that have some of the highest infant and maternal mortality statistics in the world.  Joanna offers a fresh perspective and unique experience to her clients because of her immersion and practice of midwifery in other cultures.