About the Midwife

Joanna has been a practicing midwife now for nine years attending over 1100 out of hospital births both nationally and internationally.  Helping women through the childbearing year is something that Joanna has been passionate about since she was a young child.  Joanna started her midwifery education when she was 19, dually enrolling in Mercy In Action’s School of Midwifery and The National College of Midwifery.  Joanna spent a year of her training working at a high volume maternity center in Davao City, Philippines.

Working alongside impoverished women with little life opportunity changed Joanna and fueled her flame for international midwifery and missions.  Joanna was burdened and passionate about reaching women through midwifery and education.

After midwifery school Joanna pursued further education in missions and primary health care with the University of the Nations, through YWAM.

Upon finishing her education, Joanna moved back to the Philippines and became a teacher and clinical preceptor with Newlife International School of Midwifery.   Joanna spent the next three and a half years educating midwifery students and practicing midwifery at Mercy Maternity Center in Davao City, Philippines.  Because Mercy works with a high-risk population Joanna would often handle emergency complications surrounding pregnancy and birth.  Joanna has handled and supervised a wide variety of normal and high-risk births.  Because of Joanna’s experience, she has learned to manage many different situations that can come up in birth.  Joanna finished her commitments with Newlife at the end of 2008.

Joanna temporarily moved back to the United States and spent four months in Colorado working with midwives in the front range including Judy Roberts, Barbie Burrage, Peggy Peterson, and Lisa Buxman.  Joanna really enjoyed partnering with these amazing midwives and supporting women in Colorado through the pregnancies and birth.

Joanna left Colorado to join a mission in Port au Prince, Haiti called Heartline Ministries in September 2009.  Haiti has the highest infant and maternal mortality rates on this side of the world.  This represents a broken medical system, poverty, and under-education of women.  Heartline was forming a progressive maternity program focusing on education, intensive maternity, postnatal and pediatric care, attachment parenting, and continuity with women.  Joanna worked with Heartline for two years as their head midwife helping develop protocol and primarily training the director of the program, Beth McHoul in midwifery.

Joanna says working in Haiti has been the most challenging and enriching seasons in her midwifery career thus far.  Joanna has learned how vital relationship is in seeing change take place in people’s lives.  When you extend love, honor, and respect to a person, you in turn, in time gain their trust.  In many circumstances the trust gained enabled the Haitian women to grow and take steps to health and life for themselves and their babies.

Almost all of the women in Hearline’s maternity program had high-risk pregnancies and births.  Because of the medical support they had at the clinic, Joanna and the other volunteers were able to continue care for many of our high-risk mothers.  Joanna learned how to manage and provide high-risk obstetrical care with minimal resources.

Even though these are not clinical skills she will use inside the United States, they do give Joanna insight and more understanding into protocols and obstetrical care in hospitals.  In October 2011, Joanna finished her commitment with Heartline Ministries.   Heartline’s maternity program continues to thrive and bring support and education to new mothers in Haiti.

Joanna moved back to Colorado in January 2012 and established a midwifery practice in March.  As a midwife, Joanna loves getting to be a part of a woman’s growth and story.

It is an honor to walk with a woman and her family through pregnancy and their birth.  I have gleaned much wisdom from the women around the world that I have helped on their journeys.  I am excited to get to share those truths with you!  If you are interested in meeting with me and seeing if I would be a good fit for you please contact me and we will set up a consultation.

Joanna Howard

  • I am a Certified Professional Midwife and Registered Midwife in Colorado.
  • I am certified to carry anti-hemorragic medications and IV supplies to births.
  • I keep up my certification in Neonatal Resuscitation, Adult, and Child CPR
  • I regularly attend international midwifery conferences to continue my education.
  • I am a member of the Colorado Midwives Association.