Midwifery Services

The childbearing year is one of the most significant times in a woman’s life.  I am passionate about coming along side women and offering quality prenatal care, encouragement, stability, and support. It is best to start prenatal care before the end of your first trimester!

The standard prenatal schedule is as follows:
Monthly visits up until 28 weeks
Bi-monthly visits between 28 and 36 weeks
Weekly visits from 36 weeks through the delivery

At each visit we will check your urine, vital signs, weight, and the development of your baby.  Throughout your pregnancy standard laboratory work is ordered to your check blood levels and assess certain risk factors that can complicate a normal pregnancy.  There is also time to have your questions answered and to talk through whatever your heart desires.  Building a relationship with your midwife during pregnancy is essential.  Each prenatal visit will last an hour on average.

When you come to term at 37 weeks, I will be on call day and night to assist you with your birth.  When you go into labor, I will come to your house and stay with you throughout the duration of your labor and birth and will continue to stay for at least the first two hours after baby arrives.  I will not leave until both mother and baby are well adjusted and stable.  I will have at least one other midwife come to assist me with your birth.  It is important to have at least two sets of skilled hands when the baby comes.

I will continue providing care to both mother and baby in the days and weeks following the birth.  I will come to your home within 24 hours of the birth and monitor breastfeeding, weight gain, signs of infections, physiologic transitions, and vital signs of the mother and the newborn.  I am there to answer questions, provide support, encouragement, and assess overall wellbeing.

I will schedule 1-2 more postpartum visits in the home within the first week.  Postpartum visits at weeks 3 and 6 will most likely be scheduled at the office.

I am available by phone or email to answer questions at any point during your pregnancy and postpartum period.

Should there be a need to transfer your care to a physician during pregnancy, birth or postpartum period, I will be accompany you and advocate for you as long as you may need me.